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FIFA 17 Create Opportunity Slider Settings Analysis

Enviado por yajuan321 
FIFA 17 Create Opportunity Slider Settings Analysis
28-February-2017 08:36
For football, tactics are always the first, in the fifacoin-buy as well, but do not understand the tactics for the players, the tactical setting is completely arbitrary, and today fifabr analysis on the game in the tactical slider settings,

Pass, the passing refers to the threat of passing, that is the higher the value, the player will go to the more dangerous position of the ball, but the pass line will be more easily be cut off. This value is also recommended not to be too low, after all, is a game; a success may be able to score.

Cross, if you like to wear the players, is sure to increase the value, so your players will strive to run to the restricted area, to the top. Such as Jukerz do not wear, the value will be low.

Shot, if you want to Barcelona as the ball to the door, then this value will be very low, so the ball before the restricted area players will have a lot of teammates nearby collusion. If you like anti-anti, then this value should be high. Here to amend the interpretation of the next shot. This shot is the chance to create the shot frequency. The value of FIFA 17 Coins the player will actively forward, has made frequent shooting opportunities, the value of small, then the player will be in the dribbler's security zone around, with the shot.


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