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Is still easy to use and efficient action

Enviado por yajuan321 
Is still easy to use and efficient action
27-February-2017 04:36
The simplest is still best to use the action, crab step.
Usage: L2 + R2 (protect the ball and speed up the PS4) or LT + RT (protection and acceleration XBOX)
Applicable scenarios:
1, L2 + R2 after the former loose, the use of inertia moment throw off the defensive player, whether it is for rookie, or God, this week are basically no solution. Jukez and gorilla and kurt and other professional players, more of which is a good player.
2, L2 + R2 hold adjustment to wait for his teammates forward (basic transfer control players are good at this, the best way to adjust the attack rhythm)
3, L2 + R2 after pulling the front direction of false shooting, which is one of my own favorite method, and online, basically found no one with this action in the big restricted area two 45-degree angle ball and then fake shot Into the restricted area, there is a very terrible success rate.
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