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FIFA 17 Offense Novice Guide

Enviado por yajuan321 
FIFA 17 Offense Novice Guide
20-February-2017 06:11
Do not worry. Many new Buy Fifa Points people or people who do not play real football try to get up as fast as possible and score. This usually leads to losing the ball as you end up with a couple of enemies deep into the territory and dramatically beyond (unless you set up your team to fight back quickly but you may not have to do it if you are a beginner). Maintaining ownership is very valuable.

Think ahead. Once you get the feeling of how to get through, start thinking about a couple coming into the future. Do not just pass it on to the open; know what he will do once he receives the pass. Do not just enter the open space, you may be trapped there. Often, your goal should be to pass it in such a way that your opponent's defense comes out of an appropriate shape and is therefore easy to exploit. This usually requires careful planning.

Kick your target in the air. Often, novices will try to kick the ground from a goal kick, because you can easily keep on guarding the guardian of the computer's control. If you encounter this habit, you will have trouble when you start against humans who can defend it.

Practice a few penalties before you play too much. This is a very annoying, because you do not know how to get a free throw because of losing a game. It is easy to get mediocre free throws, so I highly recommend practicing a few before playing a bunch of games.

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