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02-November-2015 07:55
First you have to know what is domain expiring. Why it’s happened and what is the reason behind it ? According to the general mass people domain expiring happened due to lack of cohesiveness of the owner and the laziness leads the domain to procrastination. There is a limited time frame in which you have to submit all your dues otherwise your will enter to the redemption phase. But this is not the end of the line. The owner will get a grace time to pay all his dues to re-register or renew his or her domain. But it could also be ended up with Expiring domains for sale if the owner is refusing to pay his dues with a dateline or given period of time.

To be more specific, Expiring domains for sale happens because of the continuity of the owner in the domain or lack of attention in the domain. Every domain has a time limit and anyone who has the ability to pay the due within the given period time will not face any penalty to renew his or her domain. The specific time period is about 40 days. The owner can pay at any time in this given time period. But if he fails redemption phase will start. These kinds of option of renewal and re-registering option give the owner a privilege to pay late.

At the end of the 40 days given time period the exiting domain enters in the list of An in this phase the entire domain related information, data in the domain are started to vanished. So to re-register or renewal of the domain a owner must have to pay $100 as a penalty. In the redemption period, if you think as the perspective of an owner the first thing will come up in your mind whether you go for the existing domain with paying the penalty or going for new one. If the owner refuses to renew the existing domain then the domain will be listed under a expired domain.

At the end of the redemption period, the domain goes into the lock mode for at least 5 days. There is also a time limitation of the domain between 11 am to 2. Pm. After the dateline time the domain officially goes into ICANN database and then it will be available for any buyer and seller who want to buy expired database.

The entire process takes exactly 75 days and after that it is listed as an Expiring domains for sale. This expired domain can be found in auction sites as well as so many online website. Basically if an owner is aware of his domain expired date and if he is active and responsible to his domain maintaining duty he or she will never face such problems like re-registering and also late fee payments and penalty. It totally depends upon on the owner. But to maintain a domain one should focus on what could be the best possible way to maintain a domain and finding out the problems they face during the time period of maintaining domain.

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