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Pandora's efforts in recognising the local culture

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Pandora's efforts in recognising the local culture
07-October-2015 08:33
pandora 2015 collection revealed its Autumn collection for 2015 crowned by "Al Dallah" charm.Special guests including local designers and fashion trendsetters in the region gathered to discover Pandora's new collection and enjoyed an exclusive sneak preview of Pandora's upcoming winter collection 2015.The star of the event was "Al Dallah" which is the second charm inspired by Arabian Heritage after "Al Jamal" that came out in 2013.

The idea of the pandora disney charms was inspired by the "Dallah";a traditional pot used to serve coffee.Arabic coffee is a famous feature of Arabic hospitality,generosity and fine taste.Arabs and foreigners alike enjoy coffee and indulge in its flavours.The charm is designed with such intricate details of a traditional elegant coffee pot,that make it a miniature piece of art.Thomas Knudsen,general manager of Pandora Middle East,said:"Pandora has a special particularity being a global brand with a world class acknowledged edge in elegance with a personal touch,yet having a local connection in its regional markets.Here in the Middle East,we couldn't resist presenting to Pandora lovers a new pride that captures moments of Arabia and travels with pandora charms uk them around the world to remind them always to relive those special Arabian moments."

Along with Pandora Essence Charms representatives in Dubai,the guests were pleased to meet an Emirati coffee connoisseur;Khaled Al Mulla.Being the founder and owner of the Coffee Museum,a unique vibrant destination for guests to embark on a cultural tour of Arabic coffee and its history,Al Mulla took the guests on a journey into the heritage of the "Dallah" and Arabic coffee over centuries paying tribute to Pandora's efforts in recognising and embracing the local culture and its significance and relevance in today's world.


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