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We love working through dog aggression

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We love working through dog aggression
28-September-2015 09:12
Here at Off Leash K9 Raleigh, we love working through dog aggression because dogs are so much more content once they are liberated from this encumbrance. Today we would like to discuss how to recognize three of the most common types of dog aggression we see with our clients. Owners play a critical role in helping to manage or fix their dogs’ aggressive behavior by following instructions and guidelines from a well, qualified trainer.

One of the main types of dog aggression we see is fear based aggression. Most dogs suffering from fear based aggression show signs such as reacting when backed into a corner, reacting when people do something unpredictable, reacting when people move fast or are very loud, or worse yet your dog likes to sneak behind people to bite or nip. Fear based aggression can be caused by poor socialization, lack of socialization, or bad breeding.

Another type of aggression is dog on dog aggression. Dog on dog aggression is usually very clear to the owner. Your dog will act in a negative manner to any dog, even one who doesn’t seem like much of a threat. Dog aggression can once again be caused by poor socialization or lack of socialization. It can also be caused a bad experience, lack of leadership, or extreme prey drive.

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