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saves the patient from heart attack.

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saves the patient from heart attack.
03-May-2018 09:55
PARIS Early Wynn White Sox Jersey , Aug. 16 (Xinhua) -- Following are the French Ligue 1 soccer results on Saturday:

Paris Saint-Germain 2 (Lucas 26, Cavani 57) SC Bastia 0

Lens 0 Guingamp 1 (Douniama 90+3)

Lorient 0 Nice 0

Metz 1 (Ngbakoto 12-pen) Nantes 1 (Veretout 3)

Rennes 6 (Toivonen 7, 56, Mexer 40, 43, Ntep 76 Derek Holland White Sox Jersey , 86) Evian 2 (Wass 35, 82)

Toulouse 2 (Akpa-Akpro 9, Ben Yedder 45) Lyon 1 (Lacazette 76)

Played on Friday

Caen 0 Lille 1 (Origi 69-pen)

Golf core exercises. You hear that phrase more and more on the television by the commentators referring to the area of the body most of the touring pros focus on with their golf trainers to improve their power output and prevent low back injuries.

Core training is the buzzword even in the general fitness world. There are specific classes in the local fitness centers for core training. There are different pieces of equipment that are used in every one of these classes. Some use the bosu ball, others use a stability ball, and many use exercise tubing or weights.

Vijay Singh for example uses weighted medicine balls with his trainer to work his golf core muscles throughout the whole week of the tournament. He does hundreds of throws from different angles and body positions to challenge not only his core strength, but stabilization Carlton Fisk White Sox Jersey , balance and coordination.

If I am not correct his caddie is his trainer on occasion! How convenient! The best of both worlds! Although most people don't want to see their trainer after a tough workout...Vijay is the exception to the rule.

Hearing the phrase golf core exercises, and knowing what your core is are two different things entirely. As a fitness's easy for me to throw out that phrase often to impress would-be clients or customers to my golf fitness training products.

But that's not the case. Understanding what your core is and how it plays a critical role in producing maximum power; injury prevention and even stability is very important. Once you'll soon realize this may be your missing link to a great game.

This area (core) starts roughly at your belly button and goes up to the bottom of your sternum. It is the engine of your body and awareness of your core affects golf the most. Think of it as the link in the chain that needs to be the strongest, not the weakest.

Two simple core training exercises for golf that will quickly strengthen your core is ab crunches and back extensions. These would be your initial exercises to give you the strength to move onto rotational exercises that put a little more stress on your spine if the muscles aren't conditioned enough.

Once you've accomplished the above exercises, you can move on to a crunch with a twist and a back extension with a twist. This will hit your rotational strength right away...which will quickly equate to greater power output and distance.

You can then progress up to standing on your feet doing several different variations of rotational movements with a single dumbbell, standing upright and also in your golf posture.

Core exercises for golf are very effective when you get into motions with rotation, resistance and balance. This is called golf specific training Carlos Rodon White Sox Jersey , and is the only way to go if you want to see improvement in your golf swing and overall performance.

Now that you have a basic understanding of golf core hopefully will see how important it is in your overall golf improvement plan. Next time you hear that phrase on the television, you'll know what golf core exercises are.

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Mike Pedersen is an internationally known golf performance expert. He is Golf Magazines Golf Performance Expert; as well as GolfIllustrateds. Take a look at his best-selling golf fitness system.

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