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see if they have any references.

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see if they have any references.
11-April-2018 07:53
Health Nick Martin Color Rush Jersey , environment and safety issues have been driving the demand for lead replacements, but it isn’t as easy as it looks like. Selecting and working with high-density plastics requires special care. Different types of materials suit different application purposes. The choice of high-density filler additive, as well as the selection of polymer matrix, has a huge impact on the properties of the material. There are other factors such as molding methods Will Fuller V Color Rush Jersey , barrel temperature, tool designs, processing speeds and parts handling to take care of as well.

Add More Weight without Disrupting Part Geometry

High-gravity compounds have a specific gravity that ranges between 2 to 11, unlike normal plastics which have a specific gravity of 1.0. To put things into perspective J.J. Watt Color Rush Jersey , even 40% long-glass reinforced nylon has specific gravity of 1.74. As a result, heavy plastics go a long way in increasing part mass as well as boosting perceptions of higher quality while allowing you to avoid traditional metal drawbacks such as higher costs, complex processing methods and design restrictions.

Getting Rid of Lead

The dangers posed by lead cannot be reiterated enough. Lead has been causing all kinds of health and environmental issues for a very long time, and the recent Flint fiasco was proof of just how dangerous the metal really is. Governments are now beginning to root out the use of lead Deshaun Watson Color Rush Jersey , and this is where high-gravity compounds can really help you. They can replace lead in applications such as radiation shielding in the fields of x-ray equipment and nuclear medicine.

How to Choose the Right Materials

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