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The Best Belly Holster for Concealed Carry 2017

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The Best Belly Holster for Concealed Carry 2017
10-April-2017 07:06
The Best Belly Holster for Concealed Carry 2017 - TOP5 Holsters Review & Tips

Belly band holsters really are a excellent alternate to a traditional holster. Your normal holster is generally a belt with a leather pouch produced to insert the gun. This carrying strategy makes it hard to conceal a weapon and can be bulky and hefty since leather can be described as substantial materials. These days, everyday people from plenty of varied walks of life own and carry guns plus the conventional gun holster won't function for everyone. The leather belt holster doesn't often coordinate together with your closet and if you need to wear your gun on your body, you are limited to what articles of clothing will match or conceal the Weapon. A belly band or belly holster for concealed carry is really a wrap that snugly fits all over a person’s waist and regularly utilizes Velcro to secure the band.

They really are substantially simpler to conceal considering they don't seem to be as cumbersome as the conventional belly holster for concealed carry. This simple principle of a band for concealed carry is more comfortable and easily adjustable thanks to its lightweight product. Since it is so discreet, adult males And girls with or with out exclusive fashion can fit their gun belly holster to every system kind and outfit folks have, as an alternative to being forced to conform into the standard holster and revolving your wardrobe approximately what accommodates it.

The Best: Holster by Alpha Brace Review

belly holsters for concealed carry alphaThis CCW belly band is appropriate for right or still left handed customers, gentlemen or a lot of women, and it is on the market in 3 distinctive hues: black, white or beige. Another flexibility selection is being able to attract your gun at several angles depending in your desire: a cross or diagonal draw, or a horizontal or facet attract by a simple manipulation for the holster band or adjustment up or down torso. It truly is constructed with patented breathable, light elastic.

Aside from the cosy elastic pocket guaranteeing the gun will not fall out, you will find a strap to double-secure the gun so you will not get worried over it slipping out. A second and also is that this ventilated, discreet band is great for lively individuals concerned about finding uncomfortably sizzling or sweaty. There are two holsters in addition with the gun holster for publications or flashlights, or no matter else. With the price level you pay back, it is actually particularly tough and may potentially very last some many years. The best component over it is usually that it's always generated below in America. What significantly better tactic to show how happy you are of America than investing in merchandise produced precise right here supporting local job opportunities??

A downside to all elastic is always that in some unspecified time in the future, it can stretch out. Also, getting a remaining and most suitable holster, and two journal holsters are usually quite a lot for that carrier. Some carriers might possibly discover the left pistol holster a nuisance and needless. These pockets will make it hard to be concealed entirely, and might also have an affect on the comfortableness of the product. The strap may also hold off gun draw, when you might need quick access.


• Adjustable band

• Can have on on a variety of areas on torso (from chest/under the arms to decrease torso)

• Ambidextrous use

• For fellas or women of all ages

• Multiple hues

• Cross or side draw

• Adjustable band

• Two gun holster as well as two magazine holsters

• Reasonably priced, sturdy and formed in America


• Can stretch out

• Left facet holster can perhaps get in the way for a few everyday people

• Carrier can wear an excess of to competently conceal or be cozy

• Strap will probably hinder drawing gun
On the whole, this is a multipurpose band and it has an awful lot of home and pockets for having said that minimal or possibly a lot the provider desires to carry for any decent fee, which makes it the best belly band for concealed carry gun holsters to be found!

The Cheapest: Holster AGPtEK Review
belly holsters for concealed carry agaptekThis belly band by AGPtEK concealed carry holster is the cheapest that can be found. With the cost you shell out, it can be functional! It will be done from a thicker elastic to help in its longevity. It as well, is usually ambidextrous; you can draw your gun by using either your still left or most suitable hand and will match most guns or pistols. The band is manufactured for either cross or side draw and quick removing for the gun with no resistance within the holster. It does even have a pocket to carry two publications, cards, cash, papers, or a cellphone. It is amazing for people searching to try belly band holsters to the initially time free of having to spend lots of money first of all. Since it is so expense effective, its easy to include customizations this sort of to be a Velcro strap with the holster or fortify the Velcro to the band alone.

AGPtEK done this holster with “heavy duty” elastic, but this will decrease its stretchiness and help it become sizzling and not comfortable as a result of the far more rigid and constricting feeling for users. Also, considering the fact that you are shelling out an extremely low fee to the belly band, the Velcro stitching might possibly effectively come out and will must be both re-sewn or replaced by having a considerably better quality Velcro. The band also comes in a person size, 30” - 37” roughly, which can not match individuals with more substantial waists.



• Ambidextrous use

• Heavy obligation elastic

• Will healthy most pistols

• Versatile (aspect or cross draw)

• Quick attract

• Great for newbies

• Easy to customize


• Quality

• Hot and stiff/uncomfortable thanks to thicker elastic

• Velcro may need to get re-stitched or replaced

THE MOST COMFY ONE: Holster by ComfortTac Review

belly holsters for concealed carry ultimateThe ultimate belly band holster by ComfortTac is made away from neoprene as opposed to elastic. Neoprene is what knee and back braces are made outside of so the content is more more comfortable in opposition to the pores and skin which is speculated to not shed its stretch just as much as elastic. The heavier product also can help balance the burden on the gun improved and provide a far more pleasant wear to the carrier. Also not like conventional elastic holsters this belly band boasts a clip in place of Velcro to get a silent draw. It truly is a just one size matches all, but adjusts to 46” waists. Like most elastic bands in the marketplace, this fabric belly band holster might be employed for left or ideal handed people today. What's more, it comes along with yet another pocket and that's good for just a spare pocket knife, a cell phone, or important papers, dollars, or plastic card.

This heavier neoprene materials will be scorching in the summer and considering the fact that the fabric is simply not as elastic, it could actually be too limited for consumers will wider circumferences, though its marketed to broaden up to 46” waists. More compact pistols might possibly slide them selves further more in to the belly holster for concealed carry, generating quick draw slightly hard, so just always make sure the gun is secure and won’t shimmy down. Also, the journal holster/additional pocket is a bit huge, creating the publications shift and at risk of slipping out.



• Support gun excess fat way more efficiently

• One size

• Silent attract

• Ambidextrous use

• Additional pocket


• Hot

• Not elastic a sufficient amount of for larger sized persons

• Suitable for additional medium-large sized guns

• Additional pocket is simply too big for supplementary magazines

Complete, the special neoprene belly band by ComfortTac was constructed for convenience. It has common functions plus the ingenious silent attract metallic clip to replace loud Velcro, but in the long run it was established to be the most comfy and supporting belly band concealed carry gun holster in the market.

THE AVERAGE OF JACKS: Holster by Yosoo

belly holsters for concealed carry tacticalThe concealment belly band holster by Yosoo is undoubtedly an elastic gun holster 1 mm thick, which stays near to your shape, still is versatile plenty of and lets easy respiratory by conforming to every inhale and exale. It truly is comfortable a sufficient amount of to use with out a shirt beneath it even though some could choose to use an undershirt. It suits most guns and most waists, and like most belly bands, has ambidextrous use and two journal holders. Furthermore, it has 3 Velcro strips for band adjustment and for your limited bond. An individual feature that makes this belly band gun holster distinctive is its mystery pocket simple for placing a cell phone, paper, moolah, or playing cards in
While the Yosoo belly band suits MOST guns, it does have some trouble carrying full size guns.

This belly band concealed carry holster is additionally only manufactured in a particular size, so it doesn't in shape all, particularly not consumers with larger sized waists. Also, the gun holster doesn't have a strap, hence the gun could fall out when bending down or sitting. The a few strip Velcro could assistance with specific adjustment together with a secure lock, even so the wide strip of Velcro is rigid and may be unpleasant when worn on the curved section of the body just like someone’s hips or belly; it lays best which is most pleasant in the event the strap is in alignment while using back.


• 1 mm thick material/light

• Comfortable

• Not restrictive to breathing/stays snug

• Fits most guns

• Fits most waists

• Ambidextrous use

• Extra mag holsters

• Strong Velcro

• Cell phone/miscellaneous pocket


• Does not carry larger sized guns very well

• Not breathable/gets very hot

• Very wide band can bunch or roll effectively

• Mag holsters are slim

• No strap to protected gun

• Wide Velcro is rigid and uncomfortable on specified body placements

Overall, the Yosoo concealment belly band concealment holster is designed to target a significant audience with a a single solution elastic gun holster. It will work and has numerous features, but practically nothing certainly excellent to make it an outstanding product. It will be developed for your masses; a generic belly band which may serve MOST from the basic needs of the carrier. Having said that, it really is not specialized, nonetheless it will get the occupation executed for what most many people will use it for.

THE SAFEST: Holster by Daltech Force Review

belly holsters for concealed carry safecaryThe Safestcarry Belly Band Holster by Daltech Force is outstanding for those who just want to carry a concealed weapon whereas executing activities that include exercising, bending over often, jogging, or anything at all wherever you will be twisting and turning loads. Its produced out of a Military grade elastic that's very thin, however sturdy. It keeps the gun in place with Velcro retaining straps, nevertheless they can quite easily tuck within the holster if you want a lot easier access or aren't gonna be in a problem where it could fall or slip out.The band itself has more security features in order that the hook and loop Velcro straps keeping the band all over your torso does not accidentally come undone. There may be a lifetime guarantee offered by Daltech Force if your stitching through the Velcro or any a part of the band gets worn or undone. There exists an extra magazine pouch and it as well has the Velcro hook and loop straps to ensure it does not slide out unintentionally. Once the band is on, you can comfortably maneuver it to draw a gun ambidextrously as well. This product is also proudly produced in America!

One particular compromise carriers have to be aware about this the belly concealed carry holsters is specialized for any especially safe and snug gun match, so it will not be able to match bigger guns as well as the carrier loses that freedom of a belly band which could carry any size gun. A second downside is that the band can rub towards the bare skin, notably about the edges or in which Velcro is exposed; a common problem with elastic belly bands. This may easily be remedied with belly band liners or wearing a thin t-shirt involving the belly band along with your skin. Then, one minor detail is there exists just one magazine pouch, in which a large number of other belly bands deliver two.


• Most safe for energetic everyday people

• Adjustable hook and loop and Velcro/(optional)Velcro retaining straps

• Thin but review (Military grade) elastic

• Full magazine

• Lifetime Guarantee on stitching

• Ambidextrous draw

• Made in America


• Fits only minor to medium guns

• Uncomfortable against bare skin

• Only one particular magazine pouch

Total, the Safestcarry by Daltech will be the band using the most security features on it to guarantee your gun and magazine will not be coming out without having your permission. The irritation from any part of the band are usually effortlessly fixed by wearing it outdoors a t-shirt, or getting liners for it separately. A smaller gun holster and single magazine pouch makes concealment much easier, even if wearing tight or tucked in clothing since there is certainly simply much less beneath your outfits to print. This in addition to its further straps and Velcro, there's no likelihood any one will likely be capable to see the gun or mag outline as a result of your clothing or see it accidentally slipping or falling out. Safestcarry is truly the safest and snuggest belly band to carry a weapon.

Clearing Conclusion Confusion

Belly Bands are a great way to conceal weapons. They may be often produced from breathable elastic, formfitting for the user’s entire body, and light and seamless, making it even more of the handy extension, instead of a hefty, bulky eyesore just like the conventional leather holsters which are incredibly evident and burdensome. They can be extraordinarily versatile and will be worn a variety of strategies, providing the carrier freedom if they prefer drawing their gun from their left, best suited, middle, back or beneath the arms. They can be a fantastic choice for women simply because they are usually adjusted to their smaller sized waists and girls can have the freedom to wear almost anything at all without the need of the gun or pistol remaining obvious. The elastic can make for a even more at ease go through, producing wearing concealed weapons an easy a part of your routine for regular wear, and energetic daily life variations. 1 challenge of elastic belly band gun holsters could be tracking down the stability in between acquiring a band which is Snug, but not restrictive or excessively tight. They are going to stretch out finally, but that is certainly anticipated by using a material like elastic. Some are comfortable sufficient to dress in upcoming to bare skin, but you'll find liners to choose from to act as being a barrier amongst the from time to time irritable materials and sensitive skin. A second inexpensive remedy to skin rubbing is some individuals generally put on t-shirts or tank tops underneath their belly band with an alternative outer shirt in excess of it. You can get a varied number of belly bands available to decide on from to assist you be cozy, carry what you want, and truly feel secure without folks realizing you are carrying a gun!

Conclusion for best belly band concealed weapon

The best in the market is hands down the AlphaHolster Belly Gun Holster for concealed carry. It can be worn by both men or women and comes in an assortment of colours to select from whereas most other bands only come in black. In contrast to most other elastic belly bands, not simply can you reposition for your favored gun draw, but you also can reposition the angle from the draw to both side or cross draw. The gun pocket includes a strap to secure the gun in place, and has two magazine holsters which may be repurposed to hold other items as well. This higher quality product is created in America and features a great deal of storage for the gun and what ever else you could possibly really need to carry and you can rely that it happens to be safe.

Conclusion for cheapest belly band concealed weapon

The AGPtEK adjustable belly band gun holster is a good quality for that price tag you pay. You get all the identical features that all elastic bands feature: the ability to conceal a gun or pistol, magazine pouches, ambidextrous use, created for the two males or girls, and adjustable band length. This is a wonderful starter elastic holster for carriers who prefer to test concealing their weapons without having to invest numerous dough in something that may they could or might not like. Then, if it performs for you, you can conveniently include your very own customizations or improve your band to 1 that fits your wants extra.

All in all, go available and check out out best belly holsters for concealed carry! There is countless options out there to suit the demands of everybody who carries guns!

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