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Workout plans for women: Top 3 Bodyweight Exercises Equipment

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If tired of the normal routine or want to take your bodyweight exercises to the next level, you can introduce some equipment to aid in these workout plans for women. The equipment can be used to kill the boredom of some routines by simply adding some variations. In return, keeps you motivated and your body guessing due to the use of varied tools. In addition, more fat and calories are burnt as well as building and maintaining muscles. The following are the widely used equipment.

It’s a cast iron ball used as weight during training. They were used in Russia back in the 1700s to weigh grains and other merchandises. In today times, they have become very useful tools where the workout is concerned. Unlike dumbbells that retain center of gravity to static, kettlebells incorporate movements, therefore, has an offset center of gravity instead, by using your core muscles for stability. The bells are known to burn 20 calories per minute, thus, considered one of the best effective fat burning equipment as they use a group of muscles. Used in push presses, kettlebell swings deadlift or squats. The benefits include full body workout as it’s perfect for cardio and strength training, balance, endurance and flexibility.

In contrast to exercising on machines that target specific muscles, dumbbells target multiple muscles during training giving you a full-body workout. There are two types of dumbbells; fixed weight or adjustable weights where you can add or reduce according to impact required. For those who exercise at home, this is one tool you need invest in as it can be used from warming up to complete workout. They’re suited for exercises like presses, windmill or curls. The tool attracts many benefits like been portable hence can be carried anywhere unlike barbells. Cost effective and adaptable. Well suitable for explosive training. In a case of arm or shoulder injury and can’t use barbells, dumbbells offer an alternative.

Barbells are usually associated with weight lifting but they are a great pair of tools to build your muscles. The barbell is a metal bar around 4 to 7 feet long. Disc weights/plates are attached to the bar on each end depending on varying weights and type of workout performing. However, some barbells come with fixed weight like the ones you get in gyms, while others allow you to adjust. Barbells offer a wide range of exercises that target every part of the body giving you a complete exercise. Benefits are they offer simplicity, versatility and adaptability.

The above bodyweight exercises equipment are a good addition to your workouts as they challenge your muscles further since they focus on a set of muscles offering you an incredible entire workout in a short period of time. Always make sure you warm up before using the tools so as to stretch your muscles and prepare for strength training. Give yourself 20-30 minutes per session 3 to 4 times a week for these work out programs. If can afford it buy the equipment and use them at home so no excuse that you can’t find time to visit the gym.

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