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Maximum Fantasy Sports offers Free Fantasy

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Maximum Fantasy Sports offers Free Fantasy
22-September-2016 11:57
锘? The region of Campania in Italy is perhaps most well known for the Costiera Amalfitana [the Amalfi Coast] for its spectacular vistas Admir Mehmedi Jersey , for Pompeii and other historical archeological sights, and for the city of Napoli, characterized by it's cultural contradictions. More frequently than not, tourists flock to the Amalfi Coast for its romantic vistas and hotels and renown winding coastal drive in and around the fog-silhouetted hills and terraced crops of lemon trees. It is not often referred to as a family destination. Ironically, however, this area of Italy is truly one whose success has pivoted upon the strength of the families who live there. The willingness of the locals to share that family spirit is what made our trip there with our two young sons, among the more memorable of any of the Italian trips we have taken. We traveled to the Amalfi Coast at the very cusp of the off-season, late March, and so missed the spring birth of the many incredible flora and vegetation of the region. But we also by-passed the intense crowds and traffic that bloom along with the flowers beginning right after Easter. This fortuitous timing also coincided with the "settimana santa," the holy week preceding Easter. We thus experienced the pageantry of "giovedi santo" [Holy Thursday], including "Lavanda dei piedi" '[the washing of feet] symbolic of the day and the "Prossessione del SS.Sacramento alla Cappella della reposizione per l'adorazione." The latter is a stunning and haunting procession intended to remember the betrayal of Christ. On that night, we followed the townspeople as they walked for hours up and over the hills of Ravello behind men dressed in white robes and hoods singing the dissident lamentations that mark the sadness of Christ's tortuous journey. We chose, as our base, Ravello Switzerland Soccer Jersey , a village in the hills above the Amalfi drive, which we found to be less hurried than the coastal cities of Amalfi and Positano, and one more accessible to other destinations, such as Pompeii and Naples. We arrived at night at about the hour of apperitivo and thus decided to take in the ambiance of the central piazza with the back-drop of Ravello's church, La Chiesa d'Annunziata. There, beyond the signs warning of "no ball-playing, no bicycling, no roller-blading and no scootering" we sat outside at the local bar and watched our children join ten year-old resident, Enrico and others, playing ball, bicycle-riding, roller-blading and scootering. As the children got to know each other, we began to talk to the owner of the bar, Enrico's uncle Yann Sommer Switzerland Jersey , Luigi Schiavo. "It's such a beautiful, tranquil setting," I said to him as he brought us a glass of pinot grigio, "All the kids seem to get along so well." "We're practically all related," he told me, "See that shop over there? The one that sells ceramics. She's my cousin. The travel agent around the corner ... that's her husband. Then there's Vincenzo ..." In the following one-hour period, an explanation of their extended family, as well as another glass of Pinot Grigio, ensued. Mario Capuano, Luigi's cousin, owns "Wagner Tours." He specializes in planning weddings on the Amalfi coast, but also organizes just about any other kind of tour you can imagine. "We try to cover every detail," says Mario. We know the importance of family, and believe me Xherdan Shaqiri Switzerland Jersey , the first step, is a happy, stress free wedding day ..." Mario's wife is Paolina Amatruda. She's the one who owns the ceramics store next to the bar. For 25 years, the store has offered the traditional ceramics of nearby Vietri noted for their refined beauty and quality. "We are always trying to renew ourselves," Paolina said, "to adapt ourselves, but without losing the traditional quality that has sustained us all these years. Our kids keep us young and our family memories help us to keep true to our traditions" The family talent doesn't end with Mario or his wife. Vincenzo Amatruda, Mario's brother-in-law, teaches cooking classes out of his private home, situated on a cliff top, 350 meters above sea level. After many years as a chef and owner of a restaurant in Ravello, "Vincenzino" [diminutive for "Vincent"] developed a cooking school where he says people can cook and eat "with the heart and not just the mouth." First, Vincenzino takes his students to some of the little food shops located in the historic alleys of Ravello. Speaking Italian and English, he introduces his students to the shop owners and an explanation of how the locals choose their wine and vegetables follows. Together Valon Behrami Switzerland Jersey , they decide the menu, according to the season and tastes of all gathered. Finally, they proceed with the hands-on preparation of the meal, from apperitivo and wine, gracefully past "il primo" course and "il secondo" and finally to dessert and espresso. If the weather cooperates, as it so often does in Ravello, Vincenzino's students will eat on the terrace so that their culinary experience can be enhanced by the spectacular view of the Mediterranean. An entire experience as a family can be had by venturing no further than the warmth of the Capuano extended family, but one can hardly come to this region of Italy without taking in the joys of the Amalfi drive. Step one in this process, if you have the nerve and the inclination, [and kids old enough to sit behind you without squirming] is to rent a scooter. When you rent a scooter in picturesque Positano, are you just renting a scooter? Perhaps. But if you also "fa quattro chiacchiere" [make a little chat] you may also realize that you are renting from Pepe Mandara of Positano Rent a Scooter, [Viale Pasitea 99, tel. 089 812 2077], cousin of Giulio Steve von Bergen Switzerland Jersey , Anna, Rosa and Rafaelle Mandara who own the Pizzeria across the street, Valle Dei Mulini, [Via Vecchia 5, tel. 089 875 232]. Or perhaps you might meet their other cousins at the Boutique Luisa, next door, including Susanna Mandara, the designer, Luisa and Gaetano Mandara, the owner and Susanna's mother.

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