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Leeds Family Law Reform Debate

les mando la invitación al Debate sobre la Reforma de la Ley de Familia en Leeds, Inglaterra.

Esto sobre todo para mantenerles informados (encantado si algunos pueden venir también), y si posible, incentivarles a hacer sus propios debates utilisando el mismo formato, que permite la discusión libre alrededor de un verdadero debate, publicar informes sobre los varios debates en sus propios foros y en foros internacionales y multilingues como euro-dads&mums.

En este foro y servicio de noticias en varios idiomas abierto al público, encontrarán en este momento varias noticias sobre lo proyectado, internacionalmente, este Otoño, y su contexto legislativo

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Title: Leeds Family Law Reform Debate

is there a need to re-affirm children's equal legal rights to both parents? Context: previous Leeds-based public meetings to establish fundamental civil rights - cf: emancipation of slaves in late eighteenth century.

social marginalisation and inclusion, empathy and alienation, human identity in the technological age, removing residence issues from the family courts, reunification of estranged families, etc.

Meet to submit and select questions from 1pm - lunch/snacks available from Student's Union shops/refectory. 2.30pm start. 10-minute introduction followed by 1-hour Question Time format with questions and answers and an opportunity for informal and small-group discussion and refreshments afterwards


The participatory audience will consist of invitees, as well as the general public, who are welcome. Numbers are limited to a maximum of 120. Representatives from trade unions, universities, the professions as well as family members and community representatives with experience of or interest in the issues will be invited.


Julian Fitzgerald, ( Editor, Euro Dads & Mums forum )


John Baker (Chair, Families Need Fathers ) Marilyn Stowe ( former Chief Assessor of the Law Society Family Law Panel, member of the International Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, columnist and author )

Ian Miller ( Family Law Barrister at Broadway House Chambers in Bradford, with a particular interest in children matters ) Prospective additional panellists for this debate, as well as those who would like to propose venues and ideas, or wish to act as panellists in future debates, are invited to make themselves known to the organisers using the attendance slip below - feedback welcome.

Facilitator and Host

The round-table debate will be facilitated by Families Need Fathers and hosted by West Yorkshire parents.

It is the first in a series being planned for Autumn and Winter in both the UK and Europe. See: Norwich Family Law Reform report for further information.

Conference Hall, the Ark, Students' Union, top floor of the Leeds Uni Students' Union Refectory (120 capacity)
Saturday 16th September, afternoon, start of Freshers'
Week Time:
Arrivals: from 1pm for 2.30-5pm

Directions from train station
half a mile up past Merrion Centre to Leeds University from Leeds city centre.

From bus/coach station, get the Free City Bus to the train station, running every few minutes.

Then, or if arriving by train, go to Stand Z1 for the No.1 bus (down spiral steps opposite main station concourse).

Get out of No.1 bus at Leeds University Parkinson Building (white steps) and ask for directions to the Students' Union.

we will pass a hat around on the day for voluntary contributions to venue hire costs and travel expenses Basic provision for overnighters by Leeds-based parents is possible with advance notice.

We are grateful to Grahame Stowe Bateson for funding the refreshments which will be served at the end of the debate.

Please use the slip below to help us gauge numbers who are likely to attend.