Padres y Madres Separados

Ayuda práctica, jurídica y psicológica padres, madres, separados, divorciados e hijos

International Project for Family Law Reform

UK, 24th-25th June 2006


los que piensan que los niños necesitan a ambos padres

Una de una serie de reuniones europeas para formar las derechos civiles de una familia red igual-parenting del pasillo para Europa, hasta ahora incluyendo individuos y grupos de Bélgica, Francia, Alemania, Austria, España, Reino Unido, Holanda

donde?: Norwich, Reino Unido


? Who?: those who think that children need both parents
? What?: One of a series of European meetings to form a family civil rights/equal-parenting lobby network for Europe, so far including individuals/groups from Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, Holland

? Where?:
Norwich, UK

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Belgian family rights lobby meeting 26th-27th August 2006

Dear Internationally Active Friends Abroad,

It is indeed a great opportunity with the intention of engaging in international activities. We propose, as one of the important activities, an international conference, or let me say rather a small meeting of really interested people as a way point for European cooperation in the field of parenting and children rights, on 26th-27th August.

Proposed schedule: two days during a weekend, Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th August 2006

Saturday morning:

- Lunch together for all participants

- First meeting in the afternoon: 1-1½ hours long

- Break with an excursion to an attractive local place of interest

- Second meeting before dinner

- Dinner together for all the participants

- Free time in the evening


- Breakfast together

- Third meeting in the morning

- Break

- Lunch together of all the participants

- Fourth meeting in the afternoon

- Break with a second excursion to a local and attractive place of interest

- Final meeting in the afternoon: one hour

- Dinner together

- Departure

Topics of conversation:

- Collaboration on a European scale
- Structures for collaboration
- The results of former cases before the ECHR
- Possibilities for European lobbying on children’s/family issues re legislation/applied legislation
- Similarities/differences in legislation/application in countries represented at meeting
- Common actions in the different countries

Location: Brussels, Belgium

I will be helping in the concrete organisation of the meeting, located in Belgium

Hopefully this idea could help bring other projects about. Let us know. Please get in contact and I will add you to our mailing list for more details nearer the time.

Kind Regards

Ghislain Duchâteau – Flanders - Belgium []