Padres y Madres Separados

Ayuda práctica, jurídica y psicológica padres, madres, separados, divorciados e hijos

International Project for Family Law Reform

UK, 24th-25th June 2006


los que piensan que los niños necesitan a ambos padres

Una de una serie de reuniones europeas para formar las derechos civiles de una familia red igual-parenting del pasillo para Europa, hasta ahora incluyendo individuos y grupos de Bélgica, Francia, Alemania, Austria, España, Reino Unido, Holanda

donde?: Norwich, Reino Unido


? Who?: those who think that children need both parents
? What?: One of a series of European meetings to form a family civil rights/equal-parenting lobby network for Europe, so far including individuals/groups from Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, Holland

? Where?:
Norwich, UK

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24-25 June 2006 International Project for Family Law Reform


The Clocktower Public House Bowthorpe Employment area Norwich

Saturday 24th June

Saturday Morning/Lunchtime

Arrivals between 11am and 12 noon for lunch from 1pm.

Saturday Afternoon

10 minute introductions from various key participants, presentation of European family rights platform initiative. We will endeavour to diffuse summaries of presentations via email subsequently.

Saturday Evening

Social and networking time

Sunday morning

We hope to offer a walk around the city for those who have stayed overnight.


Food is not provided but the meeting is in a pub/restaurant venue. We have free use of the function room.

There will be some informal accommodation provided, for those wishing to stay until Sunday, depending upon numbers.

Hotel and travel options can be found via: Norwich City Tourist Information Centre

Norwich City Airport has links to various national and continental destinations. Norwich has good train and coach links.


Ian Julian - - (01502) 724350 (07929) 451203

Julian Fitzgerald – – (0113) 229 8949

24-25 June 2006 International Project for Family Law Reform

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