Padres y Madres Separados

Ayuda práctica, jurídica y psicológica padres, madres, separados, divorciados e hijos

International Project for Family Law Reform

UK, 24th-25th June 2006


los que piensan que los niños necesitan a ambos padres

Una de una serie de reuniones europeas para formar las derechos civiles de una familia red igual-parenting del pasillo para Europa, hasta ahora incluyendo individuos y grupos de Bélgica, Francia, Alemania, Austria, España, Reino Unido, Holanda

donde?: Norwich, Reino Unido


? Who?: those who think that children need both parents
? What?: One of a series of European meetings to form a family civil rights/equal-parenting lobby network for Europe, so far including individuals/groups from Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, UK, Holland

? Where?:
Norwich, UK

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The UK encounter of 24th-25th June is the first of three, a scene-setting meeting looking for common positions in Britain and Europe-wide for parents’ groups and individuals interested in family law reform.

Use of the internet, together with the ease of foreign travel, has allowed strong patterns of information-sharing to develop across Europe and further afield. Now we need to look at using this and other resources more effectively to help build a durable family rights platform in Europe.

v This is the main target over the next six months, with three core meetings planned, this short-notice UK agenda-setting meeting at the end of June, followed by a meeting in Brussels at the end of August and a conference in Spain at the beginning of November.

By the end of the year, the ambition is to have set up a communications backbone which allows for consistent and reliable information to be passed between key lobbyists and activists in each European country, as well as stronger consensus and mutual understanding between members of this network.

To make our voice heard in Europe we cordially invite representatives from a cross-section of Parent Groups in the UK and in Europe to assist us by attending these intergroup meetings and participating in this European movement.

Yours sincerely,

John Baker ( FNF Chair UK )

Ghislain Duchateau ( , Belgium )

Julian Fitzgerald ( EuroDads&Mums UK)

Ian Julian ( FNF Trustee, UK )

Antonio Díaz Piñeiro ( Asociación Gallega de Padres y Madres Separados)