Padres y Madres Separados

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Medically PAS is considered by many to be a form of emotional child abuse, but it is not currently recognised as abuse in the legal system.

This is a commentary on the article further below discussing Parental Alienation awareness.

I hope Lisa doesn't mind me discussing this and showing a different if allied perspective - raising awareness about parental alienation is also probing what these words really add up to.

The piece further below that she has sent seems an excellent commentary and includes many of the key points.

It is good to see analysis of the inequitable distribution of income for the poorest separated families looking after children and the accurate description of the living hell the courts have placed so many family members in.

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Children develop an impoverished social framework for their family lives because their parents have no rights to look after them, when a judge is the one who can determine how much custody they get. And increasingly, this frightening fascistic intervention in our family lives can cut either way, can and does hit both sexes.

As we are now well into the second generation of widespread institutionally-driven parental alienation in Western countries, these firmly embedded patterns of official derangement will be imbued ever younger and more strongly in our children - even their grandmothers and their school teachers will be teaching them how to do it - and the pre-emptive style of of anticipatory alienation based on fear of rejection characteristic of the alienator will become their heritage as well. "Alienating parents" often find themselves as trapped in these patterns as everyone else, good and bad guys are not always there to be found.

Furthermore, the extraordinary social silence of the majority, the lack of outrage, are all highly symptomatic of a social taboo - a real fear of speaking out or challenging what is in bald reality state-authorised child-abduction, often highly traumatic physical child abduction, by state or state-backed parent - this is why euphemisms and false descriptions abound in this area of law. It is a socially "collusional" crime, parents should not be made into scapegoats - instead, people with decision-making responsibility in official positions must be held accountable for what they do first.

And that is exactly what Belgian MP Guy Swennen's words and actions, as a policy maker, demonstrate can be done. Not only is there now an equal parenting presumption, or the next best to it, in Belgian law, thanks to his efforts amongst many others, but there is active engagement with the precise and truthful issues our whole society has to face. He immediately puts the whole business into a more realistic perspecti