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briefing on (A4F)
Hi. Your class action lawsuit for equal family rights in the United States is gladdening to the heart.)
It is also a very good sign that so many parents' organisations have joined together to take this to law. )
Holding to account the judges and officials who have been criminally abusing our families without cause these many years is a very good way to get results which count.

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One of the main problems we face is to get these professionals out of our family lives, unless we really want them in them. )
But to do this, we have to invent a very peculiar sort of institution - the sort which works from the bottom up, not by delegating authority, but by give and take, not by charity, but with respect and dignity to all those who participate.)
Amnesty-4-Families is designed as a concept with a neat and neutral framing structure which allows just that. The design puts participants straight into meaningful action to help each other, from the word go. )
The structure doesn't dominate, it empowers. It uses the participation of already-formed groups, and it gives the groups a higher profile and more participants. It uses individuals with no group affiliation, and it gives them a means of immediately interacting with a small group of dedicated fellow volunteers.

How does it work for people who need help?
It works by putting people in contact with people. To get help, you have to give help. You don't have to pay mo Your child's school is not giving you information? Your ex is preventing you from seeing your son? You have a family history of litigation, without results, crooked judges, breaching your children's rights with impunity?

In each and all these cases, or in none, you can register with Amnesty-4-Families as a supporter, and join a small team working on cases involving people in a similar position to yourself.

In the meantime, another group will be at the ready to take on your case, and if necessary, you will be visited by a member of that team, who will verify and help you prepare all the information necessary to put you in the frame.

What does it do?

What it does depends on your circumstances. But typically, A4F gives you the infrastructure and resources to make officials prick up their ears and listen. Instead of being a lone individual, they will know they are dealing with the tip of an iceberg. Whatever they do, it will be recorded, and there will be a process available, at the time or in the future, to hold them to account.

It may be a letter-writing campaign to your local school, informing them of their legal obligations and the consequences if they do not fulfil them.

It may be advice and real help on filling in forms and due process in the courts. It can in fact cover just about any help you need to be a full parent to your children. All you need to do is help someone else in a similar way, as part of a small team, normally located in your own geographical area.

The person you help could be in another state. They could even be in another country. It depends upon the situation, and it depends upon your needs.

And what is the system which achieves all this?

An online knowledge base serves to link people to people, to store records, to format the required information.

By creating a standard process, the overheads are reduced, and the inter-operability of different groups' data structures becomes feasible.

At the same time, by making the structure interstate and where necessary international, it can be kept online and effective for everybody.

All that is needed is a small start group of dedicated individuals to put this concept into action, and to lead by example. I have devised the concept, and I believe that this peer-to-peer mechanism can bring people who are often severely alienated by the wickedness of the system which faces us into engagement with each other, and into action.

I am currently seeking my own minimal funding and looking at the development of a local team to implement this project. But my function is primarily as conceptualiser and writer, and my reasons for evolving the concept is to fit people in circumstances like mine, an isolated individual surrounded by officials who can do what they like with impunity to deprive my daughter of her father.

I know the idea appears almost pedestrian, but the fact is, cooperation and coordination are the key nuts to crack in any situation where your relational life has been torn apart. Our fundamental position is that of private citizens faced with large and powerful institutions, and we often make our own smaller versions of these institutions as well.

A peer-to-peer network concept, which is designed to overcome ALL these obstacles in one fell swoop, without treading on anybody else's turf, is a coup, and this concept, Amnesty-4-Families, ticks all the right boxes.

I hope you will consider it seriously. It is yours for the taking.

Kind regards,

Julian Fitzgerald
56 Louis Street
Leeds LS7 4BN, UK
tel: +44 (0)113-229 8949